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French – Madame Wigley


Foreign languages at Hady

French is taught for 1 hour a week from Year 1 to Year 6 by a dedicated specialist languages teacher, Madame Wigley (that’s me!)  Lessons are practical with the focus on speaking and listening. They have elements of role play, singing & dancing, games & videos and are often taught using kinaesthetic resources in group or paired work.

Here’s a summary of what is covered in each year group:

Year 1:                   Greetings, colours, numbers 1-20, days of the week, fruits and sports.  Asking and answering                                                             questions about name & age and giving opinions about sports. ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ in French.

Year 2:                   Family members, woodland animals, pets, numbers 20-40, alphabet and traditional French                                                                breakfast foods. Talk about brothers, sisters and pets.  Basic café role-play.

Years 3-4:              We follow the Rigolo 1 interactive scheme of work which covers classroom & household items,                                                             descriptions of self & others, snacks, months, dates, on the hour time, activities, directions, weather,                                  francophone countries and clothes.

Years 5-6:              We follow the Rigolo 2 interactive scheme of work which covers school subjects & opinions, time to                                   every quarter of an hour, food and flavours, places in town, holiday plans & activities and café role-plays.

Exciting events!

As a school we celebrate the international ‘European Day of Languages’, devoting a whole day to the language, art, culture, dance and food of 5 different countries.  This year we had fun singing a German baking song, recreating the Russian artist, Kandinsky’s, ‘Concentric Circles’, discovering Latvian culture, learning how to do Irish step dance and tasting Greek meze. This was followed by a team quiz all about Europe in the style of ‘Who wants to be a Millionaire’. By the end of the day our children had produced some fantastic booklets to take home!

Throughout the year, children share their learning with parents in class assemblies, usually singing songs in French.

In December all children sing carols in French and Italian at St Mary and All Saints Church, Chesterfield, at the annual Christmas carol service.  We are also very excited to announce that in July this year, for the first time, Year 6 children will be given the opportunity to spend a week on a residential trip to France where they can put their French language skills to the test!

Bi-lingual Dictionaries

We use bi-lingual French/English dictionaries in class from the end of Year 2 onwards and children often ask me for the name of the dictionary we use. It is NOT necessary for your child to have a French dictionary at home however these are the details of the dictionary we use in school. It’s an age appropriate dictionary in colour with illustrations. Collins Primary Illustrated French Dictionary          

News from home

In class, we love discussing any experiences of France or French learning which has taken place at home.

Please feel free to send your child in with photos, books or indeed anything else which has a connection to all things FRENCH!                                               

Au revoir!

Madame Wigley



School closes for the October break on Thursday 25.10.2018 and school re-opens on Monday 05.11.2018

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