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EYFS – Mrs Millbank & Mrs Shevloff


The phonics workshop power point presentation below.


Indoor PE for Bears is on Mondays

Indoor PE for Monkeys is on Tuesdays

Remember that we go outside in all weathers so please dress weather appropriate.  Wellies are useful to keep in school.

School reading books are changed on a Tuesday and Friday. Please remember to record when you’ve shared a book with your child in the reading diary.


The Beginning and End of the Day in Foundation Stage

The FS2 children will come in to class alone put their book bag in their correct coloured book box, then carry on to their peg where they will collect their sash. They will then return to their class, find their name card and place it in the name card box. They will then join in with the activity on the carpet.

The FS1 children will enter via the hexagonal room, put their coat away and then find their name card before they start to play. Morning Fs1 with be collected from here.

All afternoon children will be collected from their respective classrooms.

PE Days in Foundation Stage

PE takes place on a Monday morning for FS2 Bear Cubs, Wednesday morning for FS2 Monkeys, Monday afternoon for FS1 and Friday morning for FS1

PE Kits will be sent home each half term to be washed.

FS1 Children only need plimsolls

Please ensure all jewellery is removed before school and that long hair is tied back.  It would also be helpful if your child wears clothes which are easy to get on and off e.g. a polo shirt rather than a formal shirt.


Please name all clothes including PE kit and coats.

Please ensure your child is dressed suitably (coat, shoes etc) as outdoor learning takes place every day, regardless of the weather.

Book bags and named water bottles should be brought into school every day.

We do not allow toys to be brought into school as they can get broken or lost.


Lunch times in Foundation Stage

FS2 Children are entitled to a free school meal.

The children have been allocated a place on a table in the dining room, they sit with children from different year groups and their table should stay the same all year.

2 weeks notice must be given to the office should you want your child to change from home sandwiches to school meals and vice versa.

Home Sandwiches

Please remind your child to place their packed lunch in the red box on the snack table.

A sandwich platter is also available please ask for more details at the office. This is part of the free school meal entitlement.

Colour Groups/ Names of Groups in Foundation Stage

Colour Groups

The children have been put into colour groups so that organisation into groups for the morning session is easier.  Please remind your child to put their colour band on in the morning.  Book bags should be put in the appropriate colour box.

Bear Cubs

Once the children have settled in and we see who works well together, the children will be put into bear groups – pandas, brown bears, black bears or polar bears.


Will stay as colours.

Phonics in Foundation Stage

At Hady, we use the actions and songs from Jolly Phonics whilst following government guidance called Letters and Sounds.


Reading in the Foundation Stage

We aim for your child to read to an adult twice per week.

1 read will be a Guided Read and 1 will be an individual read.

Your child can reread the same book, part of home reading is to develop good reading behaviours. Later this term, your child will be given words to learn, a letter will follow explaining this.

School policy is for your child to read at home four times a week.

Please write in the reading record when you hear your child read at home. We monitor this to know when to change books.

Show and Tell in the Foundation Stage

Speaking and Listening is a Prime area in the Foundation Stage curriculum. Show and Tell is held on a Monday. The object that your child brings in should be: topic related, something to illustrate an achievement or a place visited.

Snack in Foundation Stage

Fruit and milk is provided daily.  We ask for a voluntary contribution of snack money (50p per week) which is used to pay for things like cooking and extra snack.

Soft Toy Diary in Foundation Stage

Both classes have a soft toy (Bear and Monkey) that will be sent home for a weekend. It is another opportunity for Speaking and Listening as well as a writing opportunity.

Illness in the Foundation Stage

Please let the office (Telephone:  01246 279254) know should your child vomit or have diarrhoea. They should not be in school for 48 hours following from the last time they were ill.

Head Lice Please let the office and class teacher know if your child has head lice. A text will be sent out to all parents that there is head lice in the unit. If you receive a text please check through your child’s hair with a nit comb. Please get into a routine of checking your child’s head every week. You will also receive a text should your child bump their head.



Help Sheets

Spelling Sheet

Maths prompt sheet

Websites to support reading at home.  EYFS & KS1

1. Reading with your child.

2. Tips for supporting reading.

3.  Helping your child to read.




School closes for the Summer on 20.07.2018 and re-opens on Tuesday 4th September 2018.

What's On

14/07/2018 - Hady Primary School is 50 this year and to celebrate we are holding a Celebration Fun Day on 14th July from 2.00pm to 7pm come and join us for a great afternoon of fun and activities.




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