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EYFS – Mrs Millbank & Miss Spencer

Nursery Topic – Spring Term 1 2020








Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow! Why does snow melt? How can we keep warm? It’s time to explore the frosty but fascinating season of winter.

We will start the term with a few engaging activities that the children do not yet know about. We are going to take the children on a cold winter walk through the woods that are part of our school grounds. We hope for cold frosty weather so we can see frozen ground, our breath in the air, snow and ice. Afterwards we will warm up with a lovely hot chocolate and snack.

As well as the winter walk, some changes are happening to the classroom to excite and engage children into our new topic.

As our project begins to develop the second and third week will be looking at the different types of weather seen in winter, what our surrounding environment can look like, what we do in the winter snow, animals that live in polar regions, keeping warm and science regarding where the snow and ice goes and why.

Towards the fourth and fifth week we move into a stage of innovation where the activities are much more child led and children are given chance to explore. We will be making Flavoured ice lollies with a variety of flavours.

In the final week we will be allowing the children to become much more independent with their decisions, choices and ideas as more child led activities. The children will be creating their own paper and collage snowflakes based on the book Snowflake Mistake whereby we will be looking at how each and every snowflake is individual just like the children themselves. We will also be using everything we have found out about winter to create a whole class movement/dance to a snow sound track as though we were floating snowflakes.


Reception Topic – Spring Term 1 2020

What happens when I fall asleep?








This half term, the Foundation Stage 2 children at Hady will be learning about night time and sleeping.  We will explore the following:

  • Why there are stars in the sky
  • We will know the difference between stars and planets
  • We will look at bedtime routines and wonder if everyone goes to bed at the same time
  • We will explore the importance of sleep and rest for our bodies
  • We will learn about nocturnal animals

Help your child prepare for their project

The night is all right! Why not do some stargazing together after dark, either from your garden or, even better, a rural location with minimal light pollution? There are apps you can use on your phone to help you to identify stars and constellations! You could also keep a dream diary, noting down and comparing dreams with each other. Alternatively, talk to people in your family who have worked at night. What are the similarities and differences between working in the day compared to at night?


Help Sheets

Parents’ Guide to Reading

Spelling Sheet

Maths prompt sheet

Websites to support reading at home.  EYFS & KS1

1. Reading with your child.


2. Tips for supporting reading.


3.  Helping your child to read.





Changes are afoot in our EYFS unit! We are excited to announce that from September, we will have a separate nursery alongside two smaller Reception classes. We have had so much interest in nursery places this year that we have not been able to accommodate everyone’s wishes for extra hours or morning vs afternoon sessions. This has resulted in disappointment for some families and in other families being unable to attend our nursery as planned. A designated nursery class from September will allow us to offer a mix of full and part time places, up to about 12 full time and 28 part time.

What's On

14/01/2020 - Panto in school: Beauty and the Beast

15/01/2020 - Career Day - open afternoon from 2pm

16/01/2020 - Special meal day (sandwiches invited to book a dinner)

21/01/2020 - Swimming starts - Howden class

05/02/2020 - Try a meal with your child (parents invited to dinner) followed by Online Safety Open Afternoon (2pm)

17/02/2020 - HALF TERM

24/02/2020 - INSET DAY

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