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Yr 5/4 – Miss Mycock – Ladybower


Our Topic this term is Cracking Cavemen. Please encourage your child to investigate our historical topic. Homework for this term is shown below and will be shared with the class on Friday.

Week 1 due 9.3.18 – Label and write captions for illustrations/images of different homes during the Stone Age period.

Week 2 due 16.3.18 – Create an informative poster about cave life during the Stone Age.

Week 3 due 23.3.18 – Label and writer captions for illustrations/image of Stone Age clothing and jewellery.

Homework due 3.4.18 (after half term) – Create an informative fact file about Skara Brae.

Spellings Weekly spellings focus on high frequency words as listed in the National Curriculum. Spellings will be given on a Monday and tested the following Monday. The spellings to be learned will be highlighted or written in their diary and then the children will √ the ones they spelled accurately.

Reading Please continue to encourage your child to read at home. In their diary are a list of other activities which will develop your child’s love of reading and the reading experience, try to complete at least 4 of them weekly. We always welcome book reviews and recommendations to encourage other readers in class, book review sheets are available in class. When completed, come and display the review for other children to read.

Grammar Hammer This will be given out on Friday to be completed and returned any day but by the following Friday at the latest. Please encourage your child to complete this homework as it supports the grammar, punctuation and spelling learning, which takes place within the classroom. Your child will complete this task independently on Friday.

Times tables A quick recall of times tables facts are an essential skill to support understanding in mathematics. Encourage your child to practise, as all children in Year 5 need to know and have quick recall of their times tables to 12 x 12 and the related division facts. Please note, all children in Year 4 should have quick recall by the end of year 4. Ten minute times tables check will take place on a Tuesday this term. Your child will bring home the check they are working on in class to complete at home. Practising counting in multiples/times tables whilst walking upstairs is also a great way for your child to practise and learn too!

Maths Skills Check Homework will be given weekly to support and consolidate the learning in class. This is given out on Friday to be completed and returned any day but by the following Friday at the latest. Your child should use the ‘Prompt Sheets’ to support them. They will complete this task independently on Friday. Please note that Year 4 children will still be set Maths Skills Check and Grammar Hammer homework alternate weeks.

PE will be on Tuesday afternoons for the whole class. Year 4 children are swimming on Friday mornings and Year 5 children will be having their second PE session on a Thursday afternoon. Please ensure that your child has both an indoor and outdoor PE kit on these days, as we will be venturing outside as much as we can.




Help Sheets

Y5 Maths Prompt Sheet

Y4 Maths Prompt Sheet

Spelling Programme Y5 Stage 5

Spelling Programme Yr 4 Stage 4



School closes for the Summer on 20.07.2018 and re-opens on Tuesday 4th September 2018.

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14/07/2018 - Hady Primary School is 50 this year and to celebrate we are holding a Celebration Fun Day on 14th July from 2.00pm to 7pm come and join us for a great afternoon of fun and activities.




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