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Yr 5 & 6 – Mrs Mulroy- Win Hill

Year 5 & 6 Newsletter – Spring Term 2 – Mrs  Mulroy

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Our topic for this term will be THE AMAZING AZTECS

We will develop our knowledge, skills and understanding of Place Knowledge and historical events placed upon a timeline- We will continue to develop our understanding of the concept of Continents and place within the world.  We will also teach historical aspects of Peoples from Around the World and develop our understanding of Aztec culture and ways of life.     PE will be on Wednesday and Thursday afternoons.  Please ensure your child has correct kit for indoor and outdoor PE. We will have Keep Fit daily in the mornings and a 10 minute personal challenge – 2 – 3 times per week in addition.   We will continue to take part in the DARE PROJECT on Thursday afternoons.

Monday Spellings – Spellings will continue to be tested weekly and focus upon high frequency words from the National Curriculum.  In Spring Term 2 we will learn words from the Y5 & Y6 spelling lists in any order.  Words will now not be given weekly – we will test weekly on any words form the Y5 Y6 list. 

The Importance of Reading – Please continue to encourage your child to read at home.  Please encourage your child to read four times each week.  We appreciate book reviews and recommendations, which can be displayed in class.  The response to the Top 20 Reads has been astounding – please keep this up!

Monday Maths Skills Check – will be given out weekly and supports learning in class.  Prompt sheets are given to support maths homework. To be returned any day but the following Monday at the latest.  Please encourage your child to practise times tables and division facts daily.  Please visit Rock Star Maths and Sum Dog Maths for times tables games.  Friday Times Tables – Quick recall of times tables facts to 12×12 is essential in Y5 & Y6.  We will have daily practise in class.  Each week the children will have a focus to learn and will be tested on Fridays.  This will be recall of x facts and related division facts.

Monday Grammar Hammer – will be given weekly on Monday, to be returned any day during the week when completed – the following Monday at the latest.  This is essential to support your child’s understanding and prepare for SATs next May (Y6 only.)

SATS – Please continue to encourage your child to use practise papers where possible in order to develop pace and familiarisation with SATs style papers.

Y6 Maths Club will be in Riber every Monday after School 3.15-4.15

Our Class Novel this term will be Street Child then The Boy with the Stripped Pyjamas.

 Learning in school and at home – please encourage your child to continue to investigate our topic. Here are some suggested ideas for Purple Book Homework tasks which will be shared on Friday afternoons in class.

Week 2 – Wk bg Monday 4th March 2019              

In English – Report Writing – The Aztec Empire.  Maths – Rounding and Fractions,Decimals and Percentages.  Timestables work – x4,x8, x12 and division facts.   

Topic – Find out about The Aztecs – create a map to show where the Aztecs came from and settled.

Week 3 – Wk bg Monday 11th March 2019          

In English – Report Writing – The Aztec Empire.  Maths – Fractions,Decimals and Percentages.  Timestables work – x7,x8 and division facts. 

Topic – find out about The Aztec Empie – creat a piece of artwork to depict daily life.      

Week 4 – Wk bg Monday 18th March 2019    Trip to Cadbury’s World         

In English – Recipes and Science based upon Chocolate.  Maths – Fractions,Decimals and Percentages. Timestables work – x11 and division facts.

TopicMake persuasive recipe to tempt the reader.              

Week 5 – Wk bg Monday 25th March 2019            

In English – Non-Fiction – A Newspaper report on Aztecs Warriors. Maths – Multiplying and Dividing.  Timestables work – x10, 100, 1000 and division facts.    

Topic  A diary of a Warrior.      

Week 6- Wk bg Monday 1st April 2019             

In English Who was Montezuma? A Profile of a Leader –Maths – Shape and Angles.  Timestables work – x10, 100, 1000  and division facts.    

TopicCreate a myth style narrative to tell the tale of Montezuma.

Week 7- Wk bg Monday 8th April 2019  

In English Tenochtitlan- an Aztec settlement – write a travel guide. Maths – Algebra.  Timestables work – x10, 100, 1000 and division facts.    

Topic – Create your own poster to welcome people to Tenochtitlan.

Help Sheets

Spelling Programme Yr 6 Stage 6

Y6 Maths Prompt Sheet

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Y5 Maths Prompt Sheet



School breaks up on 24th May 2019 and re-opens 3rd June 2019. No children in school on 21st June 2019 as we have an Inset day.

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