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Yr 3 & 4 – Miss Bearder – Ladybower

Year 3 and 4 Spring Term 2 

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Our Topic this term is Ancient Egyptians. Please encourage your child to investigate all aspects of this exciting topic. Ideas are listed below; we will share their home learning during the week.

w/c 4th March – Who was King Tutankhamun? Draw a picture of his sarcophagus.

w/c 11th March    – Who discovered his tomb? Write a report about his discovery.

w/c 18th March – Investigate life in Ancient Egypt. Write a persuasive leaflet for a holiday in Ancient Egypt

w/c 25th March – Investigate foods in Ancient Egypt.     Write a recipe for an Egyptian Banquet.

w/c 1st April – What are scarab beetles? Write a fact file about a scarab beetle.

w/c 8th April – Who built the pyramids? Make a 3D pyramid.

 Spellings Weekly spellings will focus on high frequency words as listed in the National Curriculum.  For the Spring term, children will continue investigating and learning the year 3 and 4 words. Spellings will be given on a Monday and tested the following week.

Reading Please continue to encourage your child to read at home. We always welcome book reviews and recommendations to encourage other readers in class, book review sheets are available in class. When completed come and display the review for other children to read.

 Grammar Hammer This will be given out on Monday to be completed and returned any day but by the following Monday at the latest. Please encourage your child to complete this homework as it supports the grammar, punctuation and spelling learning, which takes place within the classroom. Your child will complete this task independently the following week.

Maths Challenges

Children will be given a weekly maths challenge to be completed. A book will be provided to complete these challenges

In Numeracy this term we will be concentrating on multiplication, division and measure:

w/c 4th March – Add and subtract fractions with the same denominator within one whole

w/c 11th March – Recognise, find and write fractions of a discrete set of objects: unit

w/c 18th March – Compare and order unit fractions, and fractions with the same denominators

w/c 25th March – Count up and down in tenths; recognise that tenths arise from dividing an object into 10 equal parts and in dividing one-digit numbers or quantities by 10

w/c 1st April   Solve problems that involve all of the above.

Recognise and write decimal equivalents to ¼, ½ and ¾

w/c 8th April – Round decimals with one decimal place to the nearest whole number

Times tables A quick recall of times tables facts are an essential skill to support understanding in mathematics. Encourage your child to practise, as all children in year 4 need to know their times tables to 12 x 12 and the related division facts. Times tables will be tested during the following week. To reinforce times table knowledge, every child has a Rockstars log on. Please encourage your child to use Rockstars a few times a week.

Maths Skills Check Homework will be given weekly to support and consolidate the learning in class. This is given out on Monday to be completed and returned any day but by the following Monday at the latest.  Your child should use the ‘Prompt Sheets’ to support them. They will complete this task independently the following week.

PE Please ensure that your child has both an indoor and outdoor PE kit, as we will be venturing outside as much as we can.


Help Sheets

Y3 Maths Prompt Sheet

Y4 MathsPrompt Sheet

Spelling Programme Y3 Stage 3

Spelling Programme Yr 4Stage 4



No children in school on 21st June 2019 as we have an Inset day. School breaks up for the summer on Friday 19th July 2019

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