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At Hady Primary we are delighted to have Francesca as our Nurture & Wellbeing Manager. She is a very friendly home school link who is there to make as many people as possible feel happy, healthy and safe.

Francesca says, “I consider myself to be extremely lucky to be part of Hady Primary School. It is, without a doubt, the most nurturing school you can find. All the staff here understand that you need to feel happy, healthy and safe before you can begin to learn and work flexibly to make sure this happens”

Francesca organises our Nurture Groups and works hard to keep all our children happy, healthy and safe.  Nurture Groups are run throughout the year and aim to offer extra support to children who may be struggling in certain areas, for example, with their choices, self-confidence or friendships.  These are a great way to nip something in the bud before it becomes a bigger issue or give an extra boost when a child needs it. Francesca also offers 1:1 support for children who need something more regular and a confidential service.

Francesca can also meet with parents and carers to offer suggestions of support. She says, “I have worked with parents and carers for a huge variety of reasons. Some examples are, bereavement, domestic violence, parental separation, financial pressure, homelessness, routines and boundaries at home, work-life balance, bedtime and behaviour and many many more! Feel free to make contact with me and if I can’t help I’ll try my absolute best to find someone who can”.

Francesca works with families privately and discreetly and meets as regularly as is needed in school. Francesca is another home-school link and is very happy to talk to you about home or school issues.

Please feel free to contact her at school or on her mobile 07460 765157. She works Monday to Wednesday and through most school holidays.

During the school holidays Francesca works with families who need the continued support they receive in term time. She also run playschemes, pamper days, fun days, youth days and pokemon parties. She says, “…they are great fun and a good way for me to touch base with children I work and have worked with in the past.”



No children in school on 21st June 2019 as we have an Inset day. School breaks up for the summer on Friday 19th July 2019

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