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Our Staff

Who’s who at Hady Primary School

Name Title Class  
Susan Chapman Headteacher
Ceri Pratt Assistant Head Y2
Sarah Palmer Assistant Head Y6
Joanne Millbank Teacher EYFS
Julie Shevloff Teacher EYFS
Jenny Betton Teacher Y1
Zoe Cheetham Teacher (Supply) Y1
Lyndsay Hill Teacher Y1/2
Shirley Mulroy Teacher TLR Y3
Emma Rhodes Teacher Y3/4
Claire Whiteley Teacher Y3/4
Anna Mycock Teacher Y4/5
Sue Croydon Teacher Y5
Liam Biggs Troops-to-Teachers Y5
Vanessa Brown TA/HLTA
Christine Palmer TA/HLTA
Sheena Allan TA/HLTA
Sarah Faulkner TA
Laura Ward TA
Trevor Shaw TA
Annie Bradley TA, Playleader
Liz Hunt TA, Playleader
Julie Goodwin SEN TA, Playleader
Suzanne Graham School Business Manager
Linda McBain School Business Assistant
Rebecca Fenby School Business Assistant, Attendance Assistant
Francesca Biltaji Nurture and Wellbeing Manager
Audra Baxter TA, Senior Midday Supervisor
Adele Clark Midday Supervisor
Helen Hegarty Midday Supervisor
Louise Davis Playleader, PE TA
Sarah Allott Playleader
Lyn Buxton Midday Supervisor



School Closes on 19th December 2017 & Opens again on 3rd January 2018

What's On

22/11/2017 - We will be holding an open morning on 22nd November at 9.00am for parents who are considering our FS2 class in September 2018. If you would like to book a place and meet the team and have a guided tour of the school please ring and book a place on 01246 279254.

If your child was born between 1st September 2013 and 31st August 2014 they will be eligible to start school in September 2018. The portal opens on 13th November 2017 and you should apply by 15th January, your offer of a place in a school will be made on 16th April 2018.




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About Hady Primary School

We aim to provide information which is up to date, accurate, helpful and honest.  We hope it enables you to get the feel of the school and that the warmth of the community, the happiness of the pupils and our magnificent facilities and learning environment comes across.

Our school justifiably enjoys a good reputation in the area and we provide a good education for all.  Our recent SATs results in both KS1 and KS2 are in line or above national targets in all areas.

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