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I have always believed primary education to be about the ‘whole child’. Children are not ‘receptacles’ to be filled with information but to inspire, challenge and excite and develop a love of learning.

In the primary stage we help the children to make sense of the world around them, to develop their sense of place and worth, to establish a value system they can live by and prepare them for taking their place as good citizens in our rapidly changing world. In many respect we are attempting to educate our children for a world that as yet does not exist.

At our school we work as a team, in partnership with parents, to create and maintain a safe learning environment where children can learn and develop as individuals. We provide challenge, expect high standards of individual attainment, behaviour and application but in so doing provide children with support and a ‘safety net’ should they not always succeed.

Every Hady pupil is valued and respected regardless of ability, gender religion or ethnicity.

We view the school as an ‘organic whole’ and not three separate Key Stages. Children move between Key Stages with the minimum of disruption to their learning and confidence.

The teaching and support staff is the most valued asset the school possesses. Teachers, subscribe to the ‘Hady Ethic’ and share a common ‘child centred’ philosophy. It has become part of our school ethos that we employ the best available staff and then supports them through induction and suitable development opportunities to make them even better at what they do and to enhance their career prospects.

The curriculum – making it cross curricular, engaging, exciting and meaningful. A curriculum in which the pupils have a say and are involved in the big picture. A curriculum that is enriched with real life activities and supported by visits and visitors. A curriculum that is reactive to current occurrences in the community and the wider world.

Independence in learning – providing children with opportunities to develop and expand their own learning. Where children know their own targets and are actively involved in improving their learning and identifying their strengths and weaknesses.

Skills for Life- preparing children for the future world by developing their confidence, independence, problem solving, ability to work as a team, lead and compromise. Be able to socialise and have empathy.

Extended Services– to ensure we are competitive in what and how we offer services to the community. Support the community to access services which will enrich and benefit family life as a whole. This includes offering wrap around services and a Nurture well Being Manager that supports the whole family not only the child.

Personalised learning – ensuring that the education we give each child is geared to their individual needs. Learning and teaching identify each child’s needs, strengths and offers opportunity for the child to build on their areas of weaknesses.

Learning Environment-The school is welcoming and portrays our vision. We take pride in the children’s work and there are clear messages on what our values and aims are. The school extends to the whole environment including the grounds and this resource acts as part of the classroom. IT library and resources are accessible to all pupils to support the learning. Work is ongoing to make the grounds safer and more attractive and a rolling programme in place to make the environment brighter and more child friendly.

Mrs Susan Chapman



INSET Day: Friday, 25th October

Half Term Holiday: Monday, 28th October through Friday, 1st November

We are holding an open morning for prospective Reception parents for September 2020 on Thursday, 7th November 2019, at 9am. If you would like to let us know that you will be attending, please fill in your details at the link found in the Early Years Foundation Stage section of our website (under the tab 'Our School').

What's On

20/09/2019 - We will be selling Halloween costumes after school. Tesco are supplying the costumes and all proceeds go to school.

24/09/2019 - Ogston begins 10 weeks of swimming

25/09/2019 - We will be celebrating European Day of Languages. Parents are invited to join us from 2pm.

27/09/2019 - 50 Things begins!

08/10/2019 - Hobgoblin Theatre will be performing Goldilocks for our KS1 (Y1&2) children.

23/10/2019 - EYFS Parents Evening

24/10/2019 - EYFS Parents Evening

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About Hady Primary School

We aim to provide information which is up to date, accurate, helpful and honest.  We hope it enables you to get the feel of the school and that the warmth of the community, the happiness of the pupils and our magnificent facilities and learning environment comes across.

Our school justifiably enjoys a good reputation in the area and we provide a good education for all.  Our recent SATs results in both KS1 and KS2 are in line or above national targets in all areas.

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